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Les Studios
de la Seine

Recording, mixing, postproduction

Les Studios de la Seine, in the center of Paris.


Les Studios de la Seine, in a professional and warm setting, offers five recording and mixing studios over ​​950m² area.
In keeping with the times and with the evolution of the music industry, our team provides you two 80m² sets, one 60m² set and five studios with carefully studied acoustics.

Composed of four analog studios equipped with a 72-channel SSL XL9000 K SERIES, a 60-channel NEVE V3, a 24-channel SSL Duality Fuse and a 48-channel SSL Duality (studio equipped with 5.1 monitoring) and also a post-production studio.

For a simple voice recording, the production of an album or the mixing of film music, a team of qualified sound engineers will bring you their experience and the expertise necessary for the realization of your projects.


Recording Studios

Studio A

SSL Duality Fuse

Studio B

Neve V3

Studio C

SSL Duality Fuse

Studio D

Ssl 9000k

Studio H

Icon D-Control


Mic SM7B
L'équipe des Studios de la Seine
Mic Neumann TLM 102


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Les Studios de la Seine,
80 Rue Traversière, 75012 Paris
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